Baby Shower Guest List

Baby Shower Guest List

Selecting the baby shower guest list is a very important task during the planning process.  One mistake can cause an unwanted ripple effect that could cause major problems down the road.

So in order to keep things on track and to make sure you remember important elements when making the guest list, I have create a few guidelines for you to follow.

7 Baby Shower Guest List Guidelines

  1. Consult the Mother-to-Be
    When making the guest list for the baby shower that you agreed to host, it is always a good idea to consult the mom-to-be. It's never a good idea to upset the guest of honor.  So check to see if there is anyone in particular that she wants you to invite or if there is someone that shouldn't make the list.

  2. Plan Early
    Start planning the baby shower guest list early.  It is not a good idea to wait until the day before (or day) the invitations need to go out.  This only causes unnecessary stress for yourself.

  3. Remember Your Budget
    When mapping out who should or shouldn't be invited to the baby shower, make sure you keep your budget in mind.  When working with a certain amount of money, the addition of extra people to the list can cause other expenses to skyrocket.

  4. Keep the Venue In Mind
    If your baby shower venue can only hold a certain amount of people, make sure you keep the number of guests invited within that required amount.  You don't want to get in trouble with the venue manager because you violated a building code nor do you want to do something that will cause your guests to be uncomfortable.

  5. Determine the Type of Shower
    Decide what type of shower you want to host before making the guest list. Some baby shower types allow more flexibility with the guest list than others.  If you are having a ladies only shower, your list shouldn't include in male counterparts.  And if you are having a drop-in shower, you may have the ability to invite more people.

  6. Consider Other Baby Showers
    When inviting guests to the baby shower that you are hosting, you may want to take into consideration any other showers being held for the mom-to-be. Guests who are invited to more than one shower may feel oblige to purchase a gift for each one.  You may want to talk to the mother-to-be to see who she wants to attend that hasn't already been invited to one of her other baby showers.

  7. Get the Correct Guest Information
    When you are collecting the needed guest list information (address, phone number, etc.), make sure you obtain the correct information.  There is nothing worse than finding out after the fact that someone who was invited to the baby shower missed the event because you screwed up with either writing down the wrong information or failing to verify the information you collected.

If you need help with keeping your guest list straight, feel free to use my FREE template.

Baby Shower Guest List Sign In Ideas

  1. Onesie
  2. Large wooden letter (if baby's name is known you can use the first letter of the name;  if not, use the first letter of his/her last name)
  3. Reading book (maybe pertaining to the party's theme)
  4. Diaper
  5. Guest thumbprints used to create balloons on strings or bumblebees
  6. Sonogram picture
  7. Picture of the Mom-to-Be Pregnant (with or without Daddy-to-Be)
  8. Jenga or puzzle piece
  9. Baby shoes
  10. Map

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